Although it's cross platform, Genesis has only been tested on Windows. You can find some examples in the samples/ directory which comes with the package. Please be aware that some examples have additional dependencies and you have to install those in order to make the sample work. The working samples are presented in this thesis in Chapter 4. When we talk about Genesis we actually refer to GenesisCLI which is an application which shows how to use the API provided by the Genesis library, and which works in a command line interface (CLI).

First, you must extract the files from the Genesis archive and put them somewhere on disk (eg. D:\Genesis). Then, you need to have a C++ compiler installed. For this version, Genesis knows how to handle only gcc/g++ so you'll need MinGW. I recommend the Nuwen distribution (here), because it also installs other libraries like Boost, SDL, etc. Genesis also needs Boost in order to work, so you need to have it installed (version 1.47 or trunk !!!)

The simplest sample is found in samples/poll/. It generates simple polls or questionnaires. In each sample directory you will find use.bat, build.bat and buildAndUse.bat, scripts to help you work with these samples. You should edit them and put the correct paths. Also edit config.gsis, the configuration file, and put the correct paths. Files which end with .dsl are usually the DSLs. You can see the grammar of the DSL and how it's implemented. simple.poll is an instance of the DSL (also edit it and put the correct path). To run the sample, first run build.bat to generate and build the parser, and then run use.bat (in this example it should generate a .html file; open it in a browser and see the result). Also, you can run buildAndUse.bat to do these in one step.

Other samples:

Notice: to get it work from the first time and not edit anything, put Genesis on disk D (D:\Genesis), Boost trunk on disk D (D:\Boost-trunk) and MinGW (Nuwen distribution) on disk C (C:\MinGW).

For more details feel free to contact me.